5 Must Follow Showing Essentials

The key to making prospective buyers fall in love with the house they see instantly starts from the driveway! That first impression is important as judgements form quickly.

If you are looking to establish that perfectionist impression make sure you advise the home owners to keep the house tidied up starting from the yard following in the house. As you never know the grown grass may make the house seem shabby. And yes!! don’t forget to declutter the garage.

Follow the simple basic tips below and woo the prospective buyers in a glimpse of the house:

  • If its not too cold or raining crazy make sure you leave the windows open. For the cold days leave the heat on (especially if there is a fancy fireplace in the living room by the couch) and for pleasant yet hot days turn the air conditioning on.

  • Be sure the house smells pleasant often, you have use candles or incense sticks to do the magic.

  • If you are showing in the day if possible let natural lighting be visible open windows if needed. You can keep the blinds rolled up as needed.

  • Turn on light fixtures if any especially located in washrooms or kitchen as they brighten up the space and the surrounding furniture.  

  • Keep the driveway clear this helps the prospective buyer visualize better.

TIP: If possible meet the new owners once the entire deal has almost come to close as some prospective buyers may feel vulnerable if owners are around while showing. Make sure the prospective owners have information about the Home Protection Plan. This helps to build credibility and assures they are protected for the first year of homeownership.

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