5 Real Estate Technology Trends in 2015

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Real estate has embraced technology and evolved to make home discovery easy. With the help of several tools, with 2015 the factors that will influence the real estate industry the most are highlighted below.

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Search Tools: Along with smartphones, tablets, ipads will plunge in as the most credible search tools to find homes. The devices will be supported with apps and reviews to add the personal experience aspect to influence real estate industry.

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Image and Videos: The drone technology will over power traditional approaches to capture images and videos. To regulate the drone technology rules will be implemented by FAA beginning September 2015


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Paperless: Although e-signature has not yet been legalised in Canada. In order to promote environment friendly approaches and understanding the best practices progressive legal steps may authenticate e-signatures valid in 2015. Along with e-signature going paperless may also allow provisions to create Agreement of Purchase and Sale on portable devices with the help of tools like DealTap

Online Approach: Real estate professionals will understand the value of online leads. Use websites, social media and other online advertising platforms to target and cultivate credible leads and scale performance with ROI

Focus: Both real estate professionals as well as clients will have a direction with the help of apps and other portable technology aids to discover homes easier and customized to suit their taste.

How the above top 5 trends will impact the real estate industry in 2015 cannot be analysed yet. However with the use of best practices these trends will drastically change the traditional behaviors in buying, selling, investing creating new success avenues for the real estate industry.

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