5 Top Real Estate Mobile Applications Simplifying House Hunting

With the evolving technology and the tech savvy lifestyle the old-fashioned method visiting a house is slowly disappearing. We all are depending more and more on Google Maps and other applications with the advent of smart phones.  In addition to viewing listings on websites applications on mobile phones are the new trend on the block and another reason for the popularity is home buyers are always seeking portable new tools that simplify house hunting and renovation. Although there is a variety of applications five top house hunting applications potential buyers should take a peek at if they are today’s tech savvy generation are listed elaborately.


Doorsteps Swipe: If you would like to become a confident buyer this application promises to deliver the goal of transforming a curious buyer into a “confident buyer”. This applications offers a wide range of options to choose and you make a left or right to indicate that you like the house. After saving five listings, you will receive a detailed summary and everything is simple.

Homesnap: If you are a first time buyer looking for some expert advice this is the most suitable option as it is designed especially for “inexperienced buyers” to simplify the buying process. Using this app is simple all you do is snap a picture of a prospective property you are interested in and all the available information depending upon the how recently the home is sold or whether it’s listed for sale you can view all the information. Also you can get all the information about the nearest market, schoo, parks, entertainment options are also available. This app uses GPS navigator and also sends  email alerts of new listings that meet your specific search criteria and also a great tool to share with your real estate professional.

Sitegeist: By far the most popular app goes beyond the normal trends with all the basic information like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, schools, parks, entertainment, malls it also shares a detailed demographics number of males and females, single or married and even the average number of kids per household. If you like the beyond the traditional approach then sitegist brings all the insights to you to simplify your decision.

iPMT: If you like gauging the financing element and want to know all the minute details this application will be your favourite as along with the details of property taxes and homeowner association fees it also calculates the mortgage.

Close It: This application is similar to the Turbotax application the only difference is instead of tax it calculates real estate transactions with the help of purchase price and property jurisdiction. Close It accurately calculates a breakdown of cash-to-close estimate including estimated mortgage payment and all the other costing the buyer will see on closing. It is also handy if you are a seller to estimate the net proceeds and all you need to enter is sales price and property jurisdiction.

According to Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate a recent study in 2013, found on an average 89 percent of home buyers depend on mobile search engines and 68 percent use a mobile app to finalise their home search. It can be tough to decide whether you are a buyer or a homeowner, which is the best mobile app to download onto your smartphone, and simplify the buying decision try our suggestions and don’t forget to share your views.

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