5 Types of Swimming Pools You Can Add to Your Home

Swimming Pools You Can Add to Your Home

As the summer heat is finally here Canada, among the many heat deprived countries pools provide the perfect remedy to soak in the heat before the frigid climates arrive again. Although swimming is a fun activity that many partake in to relax and have fun, reports reveal that swimming can burn between 450 and 950 calories per hour. Not always it is accessible to join a gym or a community center to relax; but if you had a pool in the comfort of your home it was complete luxury. 

Homeowners contemplating adding a pool to their home don’t have to deplete their funds for an aquatic addition as home pools come in various sizes from affordable to extravagant. Here are five types of swimming pools you can add to your home:

Outdoor Inground Pool: Starting Price – $7,800

While inground pools typically offer the deepest swimming experience, the high cost of both the pool and installation are two of the reasons they are usually bought by homeowners with the deepest pockets. If you’re thinking about adding an inground pool to your backyard, you should first check to see if the hole you must dig will interfere with the well water in your backyard. A telling sign you have high well water levels is swampy ponds in your backyard after rainfall. 

Endless pool: Starting Price – $15,000

The best description to help you understand the concept of the endless pool is a swimming treadmill. While the main benefit of an endless pool is the rigorous work out you can achieve within such a small space, endless pools also offer several therapeutic benefits for people with arthritis and joint discomfort. If you’re wondering why a 7’ by 12’ (or 10’ by 16’) swimming pool starts at $15,000, the answer lies within the machine powered swimming current.

Jacuzzi pool – $1,800

Whereas Jacuzzi’s are also known as whirlpools and hot tubs, they all incorporate massaging jet streams with warm water for hydrotherapy or relaxation. Jacuzzi pools are not used for swimming as most hot tubs have a maximum height of 36 inches. However, these small pools are just as popular as large swimming pools because their small stature translates to an easy set up whether you decide to place your hot tub indoors or outdoors. In short, Jacuzzi’s are the perfect pool for people who prefer a relaxing intimate setting over a large exercise unit.

Outdoor above ground pool – $570

Not only are above ground pools the most popular type of pool among homeowners, they also have the most options for pool accessories. While the wall height for an above ground pool is typically 52 (or 54) inches, the wall is usually made from steel or aluminum paneling and comes with a 20-year, 40-year or lifetime warranty. To give your above ground pool an inground feel, you can add a deck around your above ground pool, however first check with your local government to get the specifics on the laws in your area pertaining to decks.

Indoor inground pool – $20,000

Indoor inground pools are typically synonymous with affluent homeowners. If you have the finances to obtain an indoor pool, the convenience you will acquire from no longer worrying about outdoor weather interrupting your swim, paired with the added privacy, will surely justify your hefty purchase. With the heat index reaching epic levels all over the country this year, swimming is one sure way to cool your body off while burning calories at the same time. Beat the summer heat by purchasing a swimming pool for your home today!

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