5 things your home listing should include?

A picture is often the best way to elaborate about a listing. Which we all often overlook while creating the listing, but all experts always follow the golden rule as "A picture is worth a thousand words;" it also ensures the audience is engaged. A picture can also contribute and make a big difference in accelerating the sale of the house and persuade the buyer to take a second look; in a matter of seconds they have glanced at the property. So while creating your next listing follow the below mentioned 5 golden rules and bag the attention of your audiences in a glimpse.

Description: Every home has something unique about it and as the listing makes the first impression about the property for the buyer always mention briefly all the key features that are unique about the listing. You can for example for the home for sale enlist the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, garage, basement this often are some of the key parameters that the buyers always want to know. Often pictures are the best way but there should be guiding text to highlight the picture often know as description. Keep the description as detailed as possible and avoid use of jargons as much as possible.

Specification : Be as specific as possible while highlighting the specifications within the home for sale, lease or rent. Try and list all the upgraded, remodeled features or the brands of furniture, appliances that have been used within the house. Don’t forget to point out how the specifications contribute to a luxurious lifestyle. For example every home buyer likes to know if the kitchen has Stainless Steel accessories or is it Modular set up be sure to list the details as this could a deal breaker for few buyers.


Adjectives : Real estate advertising is all about the fluff and endless of adjectives, but do not over pack the words. The simple the language the better the buyers can relate so always keep the description easy to read yet brief to give the buyer an overview of the property. Do not eliminate beautiful, gorgeous from the description instead combine them with a feature or a specification so it becomes real and comparable for the buyer. For example “Beautiful Townhouse for Sale with Gorgeous Landscaping”

Grammar : Bad spelling and grammar should be avoided as this directly will raise questions on the credibility of the real estate company and the sales professional who is showing the house to the buyer. So before you confirm the listing information and post it always perform a spell-check. As much as possible avoid abbreviations like"WBF" and jargons although some buyers may understand "WBF" as wood-burning fireplace, many would have no clue.


Lifestyle : Every home is structured to compliment a specific buyers lifestyle and help to create memories. So if you are witty in your listing description place subtle hints that the buyer can relate to memories. For example the “Welcome your loved ones with the beautiful arched main doors with a spacious deck for the family backyard grilling memories.” Often highlight about doors, backyard, parking, pool, patio, neighborhood walking and biking trails, schools etc. in the proximity.

Follow the above mentioned simple steps to write a listing that exchanges all the important information to the buyer at a glance to help you close a deal faster and keep your clients happy.

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