7 Must Have Apartment Dweller Appliances

apartment dweller

Moving from a home to a more concise space like an apartment in a city like Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga etc. can be stressful; but if you have an open mind to adapt and are keen to try new things you are almost prepared to embrace whatever apartment life throws your way with these must-haves.

Apart from the basic kitchen utensils? Linens? TV with surround sound? There is a list of many must-haves for your first apartment, but there are a lot of little things you may not be thinking of in the midst of all those decor, cookware, and furniture choices.

Here are seven essentials you don’t want to be missing when the time comes.

1. Smoke Detector and Fire Extinguisher: Safety first! a smoke detector in every bedroom, outside of each sleeping area, and in the living room. Be sure to test your detectors each month and replace batteries when necessary. And whatever you do, don’t install a smoke detector closer than 10 feet to your oven or stove, because a mishap in the kitchen could set it off.

2. Flashlights: Power surges and storms can plunge an apartment building into darkness. At some point, you will lose power. Be prepared with an easy-to-find flashlight and some backup batteries. A lantern is the best way to brighten an entire room; when you’re trying get dressed in the dark, you’ll be thankful you had one.

3. Plunger and Drain Snake: With a plunger on hand (ideally, one for each bathroom and another one for the sinks), you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of calling your landlord or plumber for a backup in the bathroom. For slow drains, try a drain snake instead of harsh, costly chemicals. It’s what the pros will use, so give it a shot before you call in the cavalry. They come in a variety of sizes and prices, and can be used over and over for the inevitable hair-clogged shower.

4. Basic Tools and First-aid kit: : No need to go all out with a power saw and nail gun, but stocking up on some basic tools will prepare you to assemble a new piece of furniture or hang a mirror. A hammer, wrench, and screwdriver are essential. A level will come in handy if you plan on hanging shelves or pictures, or you can just opt for the usual eyeballing method that has worked for apartment dwellers for centuries.  Think of all those things your mom kept handy to protect you from bug bite, cut, fever, or sore throat. Assemble everything you need in a first-aid kit. Load up on bandages, antibiotic cream, anti-itch cream, thermometer, cough syrup, nasal decongestant, and pain relievers.

5. Cleaning kit: A vacuum and broom are a step in the right direction. Remember, not all cleaning products were created equal, so you’ll need a variety for the different types of surfaces in your apartment — showers, toilets, glass, kitchen countertops, wood, carpet, and so on. Make sure you have some extra sponges and rags on hand, as well as a bucket. In addition to being useful for mopping, a bucket will come in handy for soaking stains on clothes or for any leaks you may encounter.

By organizing all the essentials together you are not only getting to transition to move from a house to an apartment smoothly; but also ready to embrace the new world of possibilities living in an apartment brings along. 



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