8 Important Steps to Take Before You Re-decorate your Home

Prepping your home for a design overhaul can be just as gruelling as the redecorating process itself. Before going too crazy follow these eight simple steps to get your home ready for a new look:

Establish a Budget: The most important step to take before redecorating is to figure out a realistic budget. That way, you can allot a certain amount of money for each purchase and avoid going overboard on something you can’t afford. Without knowing how much you have to work with, it’s really hard to establish a plan. Once you have a clear idea and plan you can manage space efficiently and effectively and spend your money wisely. 

Gather Inspiration: Once you know your price range, it’s safe to look through some blogs and magazines without being tempted to splurge. Inspiration comes from everywhere so keep your mind open and let the creative juices flow and everything will fall in the right place. Before you make any inspirations into solid re-decorating plans understand clearly what you need and how much it costs. 

Build a concept: Whatever you visualize but that in together by gathering a more structured collection of ideas, themes, colors and textures. 

Find a focal point: Narrow your focus even more by selecting one piece or object to anchor your design concept. This step helps to develop a clean, cohesive look for any space. Find a piece of artwork or drapery and base everything else off that one piece. It could even be jewelry or a scarf, anything with a pattern or color. 

Measure your space: Aside from your budget, the measurements of your space are the most important numbers to know before you set out to buy furniture. You always have to measure, taking into consideration the proportions in a room and scale is super important. 

Toss or refurbish old items: Going through old items can be surprisingly freeing, and you never know what hidden gems you’ll uncover in your basement or storage locker. Go through everything you currently have and start getting rid of them or selling them so you can have a fresh slate. 

Resist the urge to clean (too much): Counter-intuitive, doing a big clean-up before you redecorate will only hinder the process in the long run. Two major cleanups are enough one when the room is 80 per cent finished and one when everything is completely done. That way, it’s easier to see what needs some last-minute tweaks and what’s looking good to go.

Track down a designer : Finally, once all these steps are complete, it’s time to begin searching for a designer. Look for someone who will accommodate all your wants and desires within a defined budget and also follow your visions. 

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