Define your decision? House vs Condo

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A stretched lawn perfect for family barbecue in summer yet easy to maintain in winter and a garage that can accommodate at least 2 cars has been one of the many must haves prospective buyers are always on the look out for in a dream home. Booming condo market brings a ton of opportunities. But there is always that one dream to sit down in the lawn and unwind which seldom gets fulfilled in a condo. In my opinion it is a potato or a patato argument but either one you choose there are preset pros and cons and it really depends on your lifestyle and personality.

To help simplify the decision read a few must consider suggestions:

House: Apart from the affordability factor owning a house brings more freedom and privacy privileges especially when deciding to design or make any major infrastructure related changes.  If you decide to change the exterior paint every Holiday season you can if that suits your budget. Also all the other choices from whether you decide to do fencing across the lawn is all your decision if only it abides by the city bylaws. Well nothing comes easy there is a price attached always whether you wish to change the appearance or components. Along with the all the freedom comes responsibility too especially when you have to fix a roof or any plumbing related issues can be painful


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A house is ideal if :

  • You can take care of maintenance

  • You can bear the occasional emergency repairs

  • You are serious about privacy

  • You like to control the design of the house

Condo: It can be tough to customize things and privacy could be violated unlike in a house, as the décor and infrastructure related features, cannot be controlled. However the condo is a great solution for someone who likes a preset structure and prefer not to upgrade. The best perks in a condo are tempting a pool, a gym, a party room which redefine a luxurious lifestyle. Although condos have an all inclusive package but the maintenance fees include all the costs.  

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A condo is ideal if :

  • You don’t like the hassles of maintenance and or repairs

  • You look forward for premium amenities like pool, gym, spa etc.

  • You are interested in investing in something that is easy to move in without major upgrades

  • You like getting involved with the community

More and more people are considering condos, over houses but this in no way has resulted in the lower house sales. Feel free to contact me at any time to learn more about the condo and house market, also don't forget to view new listings.  

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