Homebuying Tips for Large Families

Having a large family can be a source of joy and pride. However, space is one thing every large family has as a priority when it comes to home buying. The space consideration is to allow more comfort for everyone. Keeping in mind space and many other priorities every household or a growing family wants we have a few below in order to help large make a easy home buying decision to find their dream home. 

Basement/ Attic Space: As your kids get older, they are going to want their privacy and space to have their friends over. You will likely want and need places to entertain or for your friends and family members to sleep when they come over for the night or for a longer period of time. Choosing a house with a sizeable finished basement space or attic can help your home be versatile for situations like this. Such a space may also be ideal for older children who are living at home while attending college.

Yard: A large yard enables the younger kids to play on the swings while the older children toss a football around or practice their golf swing at the same time. Large yards also enable you to have family gatherings or allow all of your kids to have friends over without getting in each other’s way. Larger outdoor spaces also make it possible to provide dogs or other outdoor pets with the space they need to run, play and stay in good shape. If you’re in a house like this for the long run, a big yard can be the perfect place for a family reunion when your kids all grow up and move away.

Bedrooms: At most, you want to have two children in each bedroom. Ideally, you will be able to assign bedrooms so that the younger kids share rooms while the older kids have bedrooms to themselves. For added convenience, at least one or two of the bedrooms should have access to a private half bath to make getting ready in the morning easier and a dignified experience for all involved.

Garage/Driveway: Having a garage that can fit two or more cars at the same time enables both parents to keep their cars free from the elements and off the street. Large garages may also double as a play space at times. Having two driveways makes it easier for everyone to come and go even if everyone in the home is old enough to drive and has their own vehicle. For those with a large family, a home with two bedrooms and a bathroom isn’t going to cut it. You will need to look for homes with as much living and storage space as possible. Visit a trusted real estate company and work with an experienced REALTOR® for more information and help with finding the right home for your family.

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