How To Be A Good Neighbour This Summer?

Summer brings a rise in outdoor activity – attending to your yard, planning BBQ parties, kids riding their bicycles, and more. By following few simple steps, residents can help keep up the quality and safety of their neighborhood:
1.    Tend to your yard regularly before it overwhelms you
Remove leaves and weeds and keep grasses to 20 cm (8 inches) or shorter. Empty stagnant water from pool covers, eaves troughs and bird baths to prevent mosquitos from breeding.  
2.    Avoid blocking boulevards and streets
Taking on a home repair project? Place renovation and landscaping bins on your driveway and not on the street, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to safely pass. Sports equipment such as basketball nets may not be kept on the street and boulevard (area between road and sidewalk).  
3.    Say no to roadside buys
Ice cream trucks and other roadside selling are not allowed in Brampton. Ice cream trucks parked on the road affect public safety – not only do they attract children who may not pay attention to traffic, but also obstruct roads and distract drivers. Such vendors can sell from a private property if they hold a City license, meaning they have undergone a health, safety and criminal record check.
4.    Know the rules about overnight street parking
Do not park on the street between 2 - 6 am or for more than three hours at any time of day. The City provides special considerations at certain times i.e. driveway repairs or if you have overnight guests and require permission to park for a longer duration. Call 311 for more information about parking considerations.
5.    A little parking etiquette goes a long way for safety
When parking on your driveway, ensure that the car does not overhang the curb or sidewalk, and is not parked on the grass. Illegal parking creates safety hazards for both pedestrians and vehicles, and interferes with road maintenance. In most circumstances, to avoid overhang, additional cars can be parked horizontally in the area between the sidewalk and street. When doing so, please make sure that the car does not obstruct the street view for other drivers and pedestrians.
Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about keeping their neighbourhood safe and enjoyable. A fun activity sheet for kids is available here. More information about City by-laws is available here.

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