How To Choose Between Urban or Suburban?

Battling over a real estate buying decision is normal as it impacts your life drastically. It compliments your personality too so there is always a debate on the pros and cons about choosing a Suburban over becoming Urban. Here are some reasons one area may be more suited to your needs over the other, 

Why Choose Suburban?

  • Value - Young families need affordable space so if you do not prefer cramped living; then a suburb is best for you. It compliment spacious living lifestyle.
  • Safer - Suburbs are safer and there is a great chance since it is not densely populated; everyone will know everyone.
  • Better Schools - For parents, this can mean all the difference when it comes time to buy. Schools tend to be newer, with more amenities, and better access to the outdoors including playing fields and playgrounds. Classes are less crowded – and that means more attention paid to your children!
  • Convenient -  The convenience to walk around to shop for grocery and sometimes even a choice of local entertainment 
  • Accessible -  If you are keen on living a healthy lifestyle and if parks, community centres, and ice rinks, not to mention pools and golf courses are accessible that is an awesome deal

Why Choose Urban?

  • Convenience - let’s face it, every possible amenity is available at your doorstep in major urban centers!
  • Value - losses are typically less dramatic but gains are usually higher due to the urban core being "built out."
  • Established neighborhoods and amenities - beautiful mature lined streets, heritage buildings, architecture, and specialty stores not to mention the incredible shopping, are established city trademarks.
  • Transit - there is better access to all types of public transit as well as service route options.
  • Health Care - whether it’s seeing an orthodontist, a chiropractor or a "specialist" there will always be greater options in the city.

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