How To Find An Apartment Before Starting Your New Job?

How To Find An Apartment Before Starting Your New Job?

When you have finally found employment and are ready to move to find a new place to call "home." Finding a new home can be stressful especially because you will be new to the area and as the start date for your new job will be fast approaching choices will be on a strict deadline and there is a big chance that you may make a bad decision and then will have to move again in a few months or sometimes even weeks.

We have you covered follow this simple five-step guide to find an apartment within strict deadlines. All you need to have is patience and a will to believe everything will work out; we promise!

1. Networking: Since you are new to the neighborhood and things are unfamiliar to you it is very important for you to understand that networking alone is going to serve as the best resource. So leave all your fears behind and speak up the most effective way is to search for homes for sale and lease in the are on local free resources like Kijiji and Craigslist . The next step is send an email to everyone you know, letting them know your circumstances, your start date, and ask for real estate agent references. Social media is also a great tool too make sure to share brief information about your circumstances. 

2. Preparation: Be prepared, chalk out the schedule and work accordingly to keep everything organized and this will also allow room for some changes. 

  • Your identification (a passport is ideal)
  • Your offer letter or other documentation identifying your place of employ and salary
  • Current pay stubs or bank information that can help prove you can afford the space
  • References from previous landlords, or personal references
  • Your checkbook — especially in cities where the demand for rental units often outstrips supply, you’ll likely be contending with at least a few other prospective renters

The next important thing is stay calm and patient — we’re looking at you Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Vaughan — apartments are often snapped up in seconds. You’ll probably have to view at least a few places, if not more, before you find a place you like. And even if a place looked great online, in person, it might not have the same so always have a back up plan to execute if things fall off the grid due to unavoidable circumstances. 

3. Compromise: Think twice before deciding to make a compromise we totally understand that every  rental home is not the best; something will be amazing and there will always be room for work in progress areas. Especially if you’re on a deadline, you’ll have to get a bit crafty with what you want and what’s available. If you can see the potential in a place, even if it’s not what you initially imagined you’d want, take it. You can always move again down the line. This is not compromise if it’s going to work for your needs in some way. 

4. Budget: Like every crucial decision nothing is notably seen of value over can you afford it. So in the initial stage s of making the moving decision chalk out an action plan on what you can afford and what you can't and if you are ready o compromise on the price what are the pros and cons you are valuing this against. If nothing seems in your budget speak to your human resources personnel and colleagues they have been in the exact same spot a few years ago and may have some suggestions for you. Often depending on your employer and job, the company you’ll be working for has temporary executive housing available for new employees to stay in while they settle into their new jobs and neighborhoods.

5. Contract: Everything has luckily worked out for you and now you have reached this stage. Amazing now the stressful scenarios are no longer surrounding you so stay calm and make the funds available, moving arrangements etc.  You also should have transferred your rental and auto insurance (where applicable) to your new address. Then it’s time to finally read all the terms and conditions that you are signing to agree while you decide to live in the house. 

Then it's time to party and please don't forget to share any tips that has helped you in finding an apartment before you start your new job. Feel free to view our listings here 

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