How To Flu Proof Your Home?

How To Flu Proof Your Home?

This holiday season prevention is better than cure. We've got you covered with a few pro tips to make sure you prevent the flu like a pro. Coughs, sneezes, and stuffy noses are some of the few signs that with the cooling down weather the flu season is upon us. However, one of the best approaches to deal with the flu is maintaining cleanliness. 

Sanitize: The most common way flu is transmitted is by multiple people come into contact with the same surfaces, they run the risk of spreading and contracting germs. Find common areas that your family uses and disinfect them often. Obvious places include the kitchen counter, bathroom sink, and toilet, but don’t forget about spots in the rest of the house. Home offices and staircase railings sanitize them atleast twice in a day. 

Launder Linens: When you reuse towels and sheets, you’re reintroducing yourself to germs that might have accumulated there. During flu season, it’s more important than ever to keep these items fresh. Linens, especially ones that you use on your face like pillowcases or bath towels, should be washed more often in a hot water cycle.

Carriers: Certain items in your home are more likely to accumulate bacteria, which can turn them into potential carriers. These items include (but aren’t limited to) the one listed below.

  • sponges
  • toothbrushes
  • bathroom sink handles
  • dish towels
  • welcome mats
  • TV remotes
  • cell phones

Replace the items you can like sponges and toothbrushes, and be sure to wash or wipe down the others.

Don’t wait until you see symptoms to start cleaning. Prevention is key, and by avoiding the flu you can save your sick days for a “stay at home, cuddled in blankets” day, instead.

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