How To Follow Up Effectively For Real Estate

Following up can help you build rapport with clients as well as ensure you more referrals and develop credibility towards your company and real estate services. It is as simple to follow up effectively if you follow three simple steps;

Timing Is Everything: Timing is everything, and while there’s no secret science, you definitely better try more than once. The key to responding in a timely manner is 24 hours as this gives the client to review and respond. Typically within a few days after meeting a new contact, wait about a week or two before following up. If the contact form the client filled at the meeting recommended contact by emails, call the client. To build a relationship email the client prospective available real estate listings in the neighbourhood and then follow up within 24 hours if they do not get in touch.
Your Tact Matters: Communicating in a professional tone is crucial as along with a good timing. Always understand that clients are just a person like you working in the day so remember to make sure to call at a convenient time or make short conversations to discuss important issues. Plan meetings, property showing with prior confirmations on weekends. In your conversation with clients always discuss facts about the neighbourhood like schools in the area, shopping options and access to the highway. Often clients will express their preferences of schools, entertainment, shopping make sure you research before the next meeting and make suggestions that suit their preferences. Make sure you consider their communication style – do they connect with you primarily through email, phone or social channels? Sometimes sending a tweet or picking up the phone and calling is far more effective than trying email five weeks straight.
Automate: Taking help of some handy follow up tools for real estate can not only help you to manage your relationships but also help you to connect effectively clients that are tech savvy. Do not ignore the modern technology; applications and dedicated auto response tools as you may need to stay updated as more and more clients are always on the look out for prompt follow up. Some of the popular applications if you like keeping things simple and use gmail as your primary tool to contact clients are Boomerang, Rapportive. Yet another powerful Google tool to get things organised is the Calendar reminders.
There’s no secret science of the follow up, but there is an art to building relationships. Find your sweet spot of timing, tools and tact to start maintaining long lasting connections. Don't forget to leave us a comment and 

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