How To Make Your Home a Stress-Free Zone?

How To Make Your Home a Stress-Free Zone

Try these simple decorating tips to soothe your soul and lift your spirits when at home. Here’s a good reason to do some decorating around your home: the choices you make can result in a better mood, less stress and improved sleep. Follow these simple tips to turn your home into a healthy and relaxing refuge.

1. Create a great first impression: When you live in a clean, uncluttered home, your mind should be free and clear. Opening the door on a space that is overflowing with clutter isn’t good for you or your visitors. Rather than dumping stuff at the door, find little places for everything – keep a basket in the entrance area for shoes and hang handbags and shopping bags in the laundry or store them so they’re out of sight. Give yourself every chance to stay organised as you come and go. Your things need to be easily accessible but hidden.

2. Arrive in style: When you enter your home, the first thing you see should be something you love that lifts your spirits. It could be a line of prints, a series of photographs featuring your nearest and dearest or a beloved painting. The entry sets the tone for how you’ll feel as you cross the threshold from your work life to your home life.
3. Light up locations, not whole rooms: Have a variety of different light sources. Use spot lighting in areas where you need brightness, such as next to the sofa or wherever you read, and highlight focal points such as pictures or artwork. You can create ambience by adding dimmer switches to overhead lights. 

4. Structure your space: Choose furniture that really serves your needs. Then draw up a plan to decide where your pieces will go. If the space is balanced, you’ll feel balanced. Take a minimal approach to decorating shelves and tabletops, and edit your arrangements every couple of months.
5. Layer patterns, textures: Use restraint with patterns and loud colours. If you mix patterns, keep them in the same colour family, and if you like lots of colours, keep patterns to a minimum. Stick to soft-furnishing fabrics, such as cottons or linens, and soften cold floors with rugs.

6. Colour your world: Although simple designs and shades are soothing, don’t rule out a feature wall. A red wall, for instance, not only energises your kitchen or dining room but also stimulates your appetite.
7. Change your space with paint: Paint can have an extraordinary effect. It can transform an area that isn’t working for you. Consider painting the back of a door, a table or bookshelf the same colour as the wall it touches, so it ‘disappears’ into it. Lacking natural light? Try a low-sheen paint: it bounces light around the room, bringing it to life. The colours you choose should reflect nature. Blues and greens are calming and will help relax you in the bedroom. 
8. Embrace a technology-free bedroom: To rest easier, remove televisions and computers from your bedroom. These devices emit light, which signals your brain to stay awake, interfering with a good night’s sleep and leaving you with elevated stress-hormone levels in the morning.
9. Choose your Zen theme: Design a space that reflects what you need in your life. Work out what you love and what makes you feel most comfortable, then draw on those elements and infuse your home with them. Here, lightweight fabrics and pale blue and green hues have been used to create a modern beach theme.
10. Add nature’s touch: For a more peaceful home, bring in a couple of house plants or hang a mirror opposite a large window to maximise the outdoor view. 

We love to hear your suggestions to soothe your soul and lift your spirits at home please share it in the comments section below.

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