How To Stay Warm This Winter?

If you are among the majority of people who want to cozy up; if are among the lucky ones who can find the perfect day off or get a work day off if there is a huge pile of snow everywhere. To stay toasting in winter there are plenty of low-tech ways to keep warm without cranking up the thermostat or busting out the space heater. 

Sip a Coffee: Drinking something warm raises your core body temp. But there’s a little-known, crucial caveat: You have to be bundled. The hot bev makes you sweat, and if that sweat is allowed to evaporate, it will actually make your colder. You’ll want to skip the hot toddy too. Don’t be fooled by the warm, fuzzy feelings you get with the first few sips. 

Become a baker: Just because you’ve vowed to stay away from that thermostat dial doesn’t mean your apartment has to feel arctic. Luckily your home has another heat source: the oven. Using it will heat up your kitchen quickly. Plus you’ll be left with a fresh-from-the-oven batch of chocolate chip cookies to combat any residual chills.

Light up: Obviously, lighting a fire is a good way to keep warm, but you don’t need a roaring bonfire to heat things up. Light a few candles around your immediate workspace or at the dinner table to keep those finger tips toasty. You can even DIY your own tealight heater. The added ambiance doesn’t hurt either

Cover your floors: Nothing gives you the chills like walking around on freezing floors, and no amount of fuzzy socks can really protect you from that ice-cold bathroom tile in the a.m. Cover any bare floors with rugs this winter, and you’ll be walking warmer all season.

 Line your radiator: If you have a radiator—especially one mounted on an outside-facing wall—you’re probably losing a lot of heat to the chilly outdoors. Line the space between the wall and the radiator with heavy duty tin foil to keep the heat where you want it.

You know that incredibly annoying thing your parents told you every time you complained about the cold as a kid? Think warm thoughts sounded foolish back then but researchers have shown that core body temperature can be controlled by the brain. Excuse us while we daydream about white sand and sunshine.

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