How To Use Space Under the Bed Like a Pro?

How To Use Space Under the Bed Like a Pro? Century 21 President

Though many people will tell you that sleeping on top of your stored belongings is bad ju-ju, if your space is cramped up with belongings everywhere you don't really have a choice. When you are looking to organize your home storage under the bed, is ideal for stuff that will not take up precious space in your closet. Visual clarity in a small space keeps things clutter free and that's why we've rounded up 5 ways to keep things tidy and tucked away under your bed.

As long as we can remember, we've always had something lurking under our bed. We've kept art supplies, old collections, photographs, oversized artwork, out of season clothes, the list is endless really. Here's ways to keep the chaos controlled instead of shoving it all under and hoping you don't kick it next time you make the bed or go hunting for that lost shoe.

Shoes: We all have tons of pairs that are always tossed around the house in closets or teh shoe rack. Some of the pairs can't be worn for seasonal reasons; but that does not mean they are waste of money so the best place to store these is a safe and easy to access area is under teh bed. Our best recommendation is store them in compact plastic bins with lids or in shoe storage trays etc. so they do not take too much space. 

Jackets: These are next on the list deprived for space in your closet. Most may be worn on special occasions. So storing them away is a good idea to access them easily whenever needed.  

Luggage: Empty bags can be taking too much space in your closet; especially if you are not a regular traveler they should be stored away to make space for all the daily essentials. 

Clothes: Depending on the closet space you have determining which clothes to put away is always easy. Making space for all the clothes you want to store away and reach out easily is the bigger problem. Start by folding all the clothes, 

Books: Some books can't be thrown away. So storing them away in vacuum bags is the most secure way to keep things organized. 


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