How are Buyers Using Mobile Search to Find a Home?

Millennials aren’t the only ones using mobile. As the market heats up, more and more house hunters are relying on their smartphones to stay competitive.Mobile phones accounted for 27% of total real estate searches related to buying a home—up 19% since last year. Evolving with the technology not only millennials; but also a vast majority of audiences are using mobile search as a reliable tool. One of the key trend that is persuading real estate purchases among home buyers, home sellers is the immediacy element mobile helps people stay on top of the market in real time.



  • Most people would use their mobile device to do at least one of the following: search for listings, find directions to a house, look for more information on a listing, call or e-mail an agent directly, or watch a video while out looking for a home (Source: Google Consumer Survey, April 2014).
  • Searches related to home buying are highest over the weekend when people are likely out touring neighborhoods and visiting open houses (Source: Google Data).
  • Mobile queries for open houses grew 36% , while desktop searches remained the same (Source: Google Data).
  • House hunters used their mobile device most to search for listings and find directions while out looking for a home (Source: Google Consumer Survey, April 2014).
  • Along with changing types of home preferences more and more audiences are choosing a quicker approach to sell, buy and invest in real estate and mobile reviews, searches are one of the most preferred choice.  


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