How to Create a Terrarium?


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Indoor gardening is a booming trend with the limited space with constant fight for more and more creative ideas to bring the nature in our lives and Terrariums are the new kid on the block if you are looking for nature inspired decor ideas. Although the name Terrarium may seem very out of the box a glass container, in simple words a terrarium is a miniature garden grown in a glass container of any size depending on the mini plants you choose to add the mystic close to nature touch.

 Also as the entire garden is contained in a glass container generally terrariums are a great way to display decorative accessories ideal for kitchen, living room, library and various other spaces. Terrariums have been existent as a home, office decor since many decades but the sudden multitude to buy them has been associated with the losing touch with the nature with a fast paced life. In order to make a low maintenance yet elegant terrarium at home with simple DIY steps read on;

Containers: Choosing containers is very crucial when making a terrarium as the elegant the container the better the glamorous the terrarium looks. The key is keep it as simple as possible and the best place to start is if you are planning to buy some glass containers is charity stores, flea markets, garage sales they have some amazing stuff. Although spherical bowls are the best if you have a creative palate then sky is the limit. Don’t forget to ensure the container has built-in hooks so if you want you can hang the terrarium. Sometimes even if there are no hooks with the help of strings you can securely hang the terrarium, but make sure you choose light weight containers as once the medium and the plants are added it is going to be a heavy challenge.

Image Source: Shutter Stock

Medium: Add in the right medium and then your dream garden will ready in a few months, depending on the container and the plants you choose. For the medium you can use pebbles of various sizes and colours, fine grain sand, charcoal, potting soil are the key ingredients. Generally it’s all about layering; precision is the key here as there is no room for mistakes or you have to start from the beginning. The bottom layer of the container must be potting pebbles; activated charcoal and then potting soil as this sequence helps to neutralize odours which may occur as a part of plant growth.

Accessories: If you are making your first terrarium do some research before you decide to choose the plants then it is easy to plan the accessories. Fern, wild strawberries and flowers are the best options to look attractive don’t forget to cultivate a layer of moss as this becomes very cost efficient option. Do not go big and sparkly about accessories simple things like old broken animal toys, legos and castles  are a great idea as they add a rustic touch which is evident in the nature.

These simple DIY tips can help you make a mystical terrarium at home. Do share your comments and experiences and don’t forget to view our new listings on Century 21 President Realty

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