How to Help Baby Boomers Find a Home

Along with the Gen-Y also referred as the Millennials the next group of real estate purchasers are Baby Boomers. Baby boomers prefer family-driven buyers from Generation X, the generation born right after the baby boomers, tend to prioritize neighbourhoods with high-quality schools in vibrant communities. While the Millennials prefer trendy, urban neighbourhoods with high walkability scores. Although their preference of location may vary they both are green minded and are focused to easy access to transit than owning a car. Here are a few tips for helping baby boomers find the right home for the next chapter of their lives.

1. Friends and Family: Living in a close proximity to friends and family will increase the likelihood that baby boomers will have companionship and someone to care for them should the need arise. Plus, who wants to watch their grandchild’s first steps over video chat.

2. Accessibility: As people age, walking up stairs may become burdensome or impossible. Look for houses or apartments with ramps, stair lifts, or elevators. Similarly, make sure that all the housing you look at is wheelchair accessible.

3. Storage: Downsizing is an emotional process for many reasons — including the fear of losing the memories attached to the home and the belongings it contains. Almost every parent has a box of notes, art, cards, macaroni necklaces, and other memorabilia from their kids and grand kids. Recommend that they open a storage unit so that they can keep things with sentimental value even after they move.

4. Neighborhood: Ideally the neighborhood will have classes and activities for baby boomers. It will also be good to look for neighborhoods with good hospitals and doctor’s nearby. Bonus points if there is a golf course close!

Whether you are an agent or a friend or family member, these tips will help you make a baby boomer’s transition easier.

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