How to Make Your Backyard Pet Friendly This Spring?

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After winter like you your pet also has all the rights to spend more time outdoors. Without your assistance it is unfortunately not possible. To make it comfortable for your dog to enjoy the weather and the freedom of space in the backyard with or without supervision it is important to keep the backyard clean and make some safety accommodations. If you follow the simple steps discussed below half the battle is won.

  • Install a secure fence to make sure your pet is contained with the boundaries of your background and his safety is accounted.
  • Keep the grass mowed to help your dog move around freely.
  • Make sure you regularly remove leaf litter, dig the weeds at the edge of the lawn and around stonewalls and woodpiles.
  • Seal stonewalls and any other small openings in the ground.
  • If you have firewood piles and bird feeders move them away.
  • Use hard materials like stone and metals instead of soft materials like soil for planting. 

In addition to these instructions, it is also important to verify that the fence is installed firmly and you also install a beware of dog sign as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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