How to Prepare For The Home Inspector?

One of things that you should be aware of as a home seller is that most home inspectors will arrive at your home in advance of the scheduled home inspection time. Typically the inspector will arrive anywhere from a half hour to forty five minutes ahead of time. A home inspector will do this so they have the opportunity to walk around your home making observations about the property in advance of the buyer arriving. This will give the home inspector a leg up on looking professional once the buyer gets there and starts asking questions.

It is a common practice in  real estate  for the seller not to be around while the home inspection is taking place. There are however, things you can do to make the home inspectors job a lot easier before you leave your home.  Here are a few quick tips to prepare for a home inspection.

  • Make sure all light bulbs are working by changing them prior to the inspection. The inspector will want to be able to view all areas of your home. In addition he or she won’t need additional time to see if the receptacle is not working or if it is just a blown light bulb.
  • Thin out your closets of clothes so the inspector can see inside them.
  • Remove items away from basement walls so they can be inspected for cracks and water penetration areas.
  • If there is a scuttle for access to the attic in a closet make sure it is accessible.
  • Change the filters to your furnace and leave any service tags so the  inspector can see them.
  • If your home is vacant make sure the power is on and there is fuel so that the systems can be inspected.

Above all else do not try to conceal any defects you know are present in the home. The home inspector is going to find the issue anyway. Trying to conceal issues will throw up a major red flag. The  last thing you want is to have a buyer think you are dishonest. Al this will do is leave a bad taste in the buyer’s mouth and put you behind the eight ball when the home inspection negotiation process begins.

Hopefully by now you have realized preparing for a home inspection is a vital part of a real estate transaction and one of the keys to keeping your sale on track!

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