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Buying a home is not as easy as it seems. After you make the decision you must be ready for the commitment and patience as there is expected more than that a ton of paperwork, which many first time buyers are unaware. Once you make the decision the first step to get started is arranging and reviewing all the paperwork before you make any further decisions.

When you are looking to buy a house there will be a complete package of paperwork that should be arranged and well read and rectified to get ahead in the game. As it will be a lot of paperwork to handle and misplacing a document can be really stressful so make sure to have a file to keep things organised at all times. Make sure you have real all the paperwork you are putting your initials on, just because there is a ton of paperwork does not mean you can excuse yourself. As often there are many clauses that may cause a lot of legal complications.The most important documents that should be well reviewed? Before the deal is finalised and the sale for the property is closed it is crucial to verify that you have all the paperwork in place some of the most important document categories are as follows:


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Financial Documents: These documents are critical so pay careful attention as often a deal can be null or void if any of these documents are misplaced. Under this category you will have to check if the lending document is in place.

  • Settlement Statement has all the brief description of the total fees payable to the lender and various other terms and conditions both parties decide to agree upon.

  • Lending document has details about the rate of interest, loan, payment procedures and the legal implications for delayed payment and other formalities.

  • Rate note this is often fixed or may be adjustable too. This document simply describes all the facts and figures about the loan payment, interest rate and how that could be adjusted in case required.

General Documents:Affidavits, Waivers, Worksheets all fall under this category although not the most important kind of documentation but often if this paperwork is not signed there could be misconceptions in the mind of both parties regarding certain aspects so as a best practice always be on top of this paperwork too.

Educational Documents: In this section there are all the policy driven documents which will answer all the queries of the borrower. These documents are important too as they have information about closing so be sure to check for accuracy. Some of the common educational documents include the closing affidavit for the borrower, no oral agreements note, right to cancel and disclosures.

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Future Documents: These are mostly all the follow up documents that explain the procedure for the borrower once the closing is completed. some of the other common documents include Binding Arbitration Agreement, Private Mortgage Insurance Disclosure, Tax and Hazard Insurance Record, Escrow Account Statement, Initial Escrow Account, Disclosure Statement, Correction Agreement.

 When buying a house no document should be ignored as one missing document can break a deal and if you are keen on the property it is crucial to stay on top of everything to avoid mishaps.

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