Realtor ?????

Realtor  ???????

In today’s market, it is possible to purchase a home without using the realtor but if you have extra time to take this as a part time job. Home shopping is time consuming, but can easily be done by using a Realtor. The Realtors are capable of finding the perfect house match, according to the buyer’s specifications and help through the closing of the deal.

Following are some reasons, why I think it’s better to use a Realtor for home purchase.


1.    Realtors Code of Ethics:

Not all the real estate agents are Realtors. The Realtors are the members of Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) who respect and accept the Realtors Code of Ethics. Under this Code of Ethics, the Realtors have obligations to provide professional competent service, with honesty and integrity, with co-operation and fairness to all, and the personal accountability through compliance with CREA’s Standards of Business Practice.

Violation of Realtor Code of Ethics results in penalties like fines and suspensions to the Realtors. (Source: Canadian Real Estate Association)


 2.    Finding Homes:

However most of the houses are available on the but some seller does not want to advertise actively (not of MLS). They even don’t want to put any sign on their lawn. The reasons like divorce, financial problem or other health problems they want to sell their house secretly from their neighbours and friends. But Realtors knows all about those house through their brokerages so you don’t miss any home.


3.    Market Awareness:

Realtors have better knowledge and understanding of the Real Estate Market. They can better predict the trends in the market and can help the client in saving some of their money. Realtors know area and the neighbourhood well for the right value of the home.


4.    Handling Paperwork :

Handling paperwork is very important job because of the large number of documents involved in transaction like offer, counter offers, agreements etc. If in case, someone missed something like initials or to check the check box may cause delays or can possibly create the other serious problems in the transaction. Realtors know all those paperwork very well and can make the transaction smooth throughout the process.


5.    Identify Problem:

Realtors can identify the problems to the house which may not be easily visible and can recommend the home inspection. Realtors know the complexity of the problems and the cost involved in fixing those problems. So, the Realtor can help the buyer according to the situation in making up his/her decision.


6.    Specific Features:

Sometimes, buyer wants some specific features in his/her new home but couldn’t find that features through internet. On the hand, Realtors know where to find that exact feature and how.


7.    Avoid Emotional Negotiation:

Usually, within the residential property purchase we built some kind of emotional attachment with the house we like. Even before presenting the offer, we start imagining ourselves in the house enjoying home ownership. It leads to the negotiation, on the basis of our emotions instead of logic. So, hiring a Realtor is the better approach to keep the emotions out of the transaction and get the better value of the house.


8.    Zoning Expert:

Normally, Realtors are familiar with all zonings and bylaws of the local municipalities. They can better help the buyer to find right house according to their plans. Realtors make the buyer’s aware about the restrictions and easements to the house which may limit the buyer’s enjoyment of ownership.


9.    Smooth Closing:

When time comes to close the sale, various problems may arise like title issue, financing issue or other conditional issues. Realtors are familiar with these types of issues and know how to deal with it. They are capable of making the whole transaction smooth and worry-free.


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