Top 3 Knife Storage Options

A well-honed blade is probably the most important tool in any kitchen. With the holiday season fast approaching prepping a meal without a set of trusty slicers and choppers is a dreadful dream you never want to wake upto. Storage, however, presents a bit of a challenge. Kitchen knives need to be convenient to grab, but for safety’s sake, they also need to be stowed securely. Here are a dozen sharp ways to store them.

  • Knife Block: Knives in a block with custom-size slots, is the best way to keep things  organized.  It holds 15 knives and a sharpening steel—and it allows you to keep the blades you use most frequently closest at hand. Not only is it flexible, but it also looks good enough to earn counter space in even the sleekest kitchen.
  • Hanging Pocket: Treat your treasured cutlery to a soft and cozy home. This hanging pocket holder, crafted from thick wool felt, keeps five knives and sharpening steel close at hand and adds a sumptuous texture to your kitchen. 
  • Magnetic Holder: For a magnetic knife holder with a rustic sensibility, nothing beats this DIY option in reclaimed wood. Magnets secured to the wood’s flip side using a drill and adhesive keep the knives in place.

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