Top 4 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Along with the transforming real estate market the mindsets of home owners is also evolving when deciding to buy real estate some of their top demands include appliances, lawns and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. Many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly. Whether this stems from a wish to help the environment or a desire to cut heating and cooling costs, the steps are often the same.Some eco-friendly home improvements are small, simple, inexpensive steps. Others require more time, money and expertise. To supply to the growing demand of eco-friendly improvements we have a list of 4 popular home-efficiency recommendations that most homeowners consider a priority and can fit almost any budget. 

Landscaping: If you are looking to establish a bold statement homeowners choose to landscape to help make exterior look equally important as interior. Some of the common areas of focus when landscaping is  patio stones; also the plants you choose to sow. It is also important to use water effectively and take care of the lawn. Placement of the plants is crucial to obtain shade which helps to cool your home in summers. 

Lighting: Choosing energy -efficient bulbs is all it takes. LED bulbs are the best choice as they last the longest, save the most energy and don’t get hot. Go a step further by installing dimmer switches–it’s an easy job and you can save a lot of money by keeping your lights at 80 percent of full power.

Appliances: Your outdated appliances may still work, but they could be costing you. Think long term and invest in appliances that are eco-friendly and consider the cost an investment.

Windows: Replacing the old windows in your home with eco-friendly versions can have a big payout. Double and triple-pane windows insulate much better than single-pane styles, in turn reducing your energy bills. They can also come with glazing - a low emissivity, completely transparent coating that reduces harmful UV rays. But remember: If you’re installing new windows and want to get the full benefit of their eco-efficiency, spend the money on brick-to-brick replacement rather than retrofitting, because while the windows themselves are efficient, the window frames are likely not.

While the best combination for your home's needs may vary, the home-improvement options include a number of projects and possibilities that could mean energy and cost savings for you and your family. Feel free to share some of the eco-friendly options you have come across in the comments section below. 

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