Top 5 Advantages of Owning A Home With A Pool?

Home With a Pool: Century 21 President

A lot of people are reluctant to buy a home with a swimming pool. Pool ownership isn’t something to be taken lightly. Before making an offer on a house with a pool, it’s important to think long and hard about whether you’re willing to pay for the chemicals, heating, cleaning, repairs, and other ongoing costs that come with the deal. On top of all that, there are safety and liability issues to think about. Obviously the number one advantage of buying a house with a pool is you get to have a pool! But then, you can always buy a house without a pool and then have one built yourself. So why go for the package deal? Here are a few reasons.

  • Yard: Every home stands out with the a well groomed, landscaped yard. A house looks gorgeous with a pool and a yard. It is identical to having the best of both world's. Many people also believe pools increase the aesthetic value of their yard which in the long run can become the unique feature of your home if you ever decide to sell. 
  • Entertainment Space: Young or old everyone enjoys a pool party. If you are a huge family hosting tons of family events or simply a people friendly host utilizing pools as an entertainment center, and kids love pools.
  • Exercise: Pools provide an easy way to instantly full body exercise.Some people use swimming pools exclusively for in-water exercises and say pools add health benefits for them. Especially seniors consider water therapy as the best way to rejuvenate tired muscles. 
  • Resale Value: Swimming pools can bring added value when you decide to resale, especially in hot climates a pool becomes the stand out feature for your home.
  • Heat Resolution: Although maintaining pools can be a tedious task in winter in summer pools provide an easy way to instantly cool down especially on hot days.

The perks of having a pool generally an indoor pool is appreciated by all sellers and buyers as maintenance is easy. However if you are willing to take care of the minimal upkeep then with the benefits mentioned above having a outdoor pool in your home is an asset like any other feature in your home. 

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