What Are The Top 5 Apartment Must Haves When Shopping?

What Are The Top 5 Apartment Must Haves When Shopping?

Finding an apartment is not too difficult if know what you are looking the basics number of rooms, location, nearby parks, entertainment options. Is this too much to ask? Not really this just sets the impression that you are prepared and understand everything you are looking in an apartment according to the National Multifamily Housing Council 2015 survey. One another important question you must answer is to make sure that you are looking to stay in this new home for at least 12 months; as that is the minimum lease for apartments.

Some handy tips that will help you find your dream apartment instantly are discussed below;

1. Packages: Majority apartments come as a package deal; if you have any doubts when viewing apartments to shortlist always ask along with the cozy place to call home what else is available. Most apartment packages include parking spot, hydro, laundry, pools, spa, gym, lockers, internet, cable connection etc. Some services may be available at a cost so again when you agree to sign a contract discuss all the details.

2. Location: Always this is the most important topic of consideration for many seeking for an apartment. The most ideal location is close to a major highway, mall, grocery stores, hospital, easy access to public transit and subway, walking distance to parks, entertainment options.

3. Natural Lighting: Natural lighting not only resonates a welcoming feeling, but also welcomes positive spirits. A dark house is depressing and over a period of time may make you feel uncomfortable. Always while viewing houses turn the lights on if the room seems dark and also look around if there are any windows to let natural lighting inside the apartment. Sometimes an apartment may seem dull due to the lighting fixtures too; this is a small issue can be fixed with new fixtures and bulbs which can be always requested to be replaced before you move in.

4. Parks: A pet friendly apartment is the top requirement on the list of apartment seekers. Nowadays to accommodate apartments have special arrangements like pet-washing stations, indoor dog parks etc.

5. Electronic payments: Writing a check is not just a dying out practice but with so many easy options available at your fingertips in this digital age, apartments too have accommodations in place. The most common accepted form of electronic payment is a interac transaction.

So once you’ve narrowed down your apartment search to the places that fulfill your needs from location and price to closet space and kitchen features, make sure to visit each one with this checklist  to ensure that the rental will really make you happy. Then get ready to move in!

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