What Do Millennial Buyers Want in 2015?


Along with the baby boomers the millennial buyers are the next generation that are contributing to control the real estate industry. With the new year the real estate trends millennial buyers are looking for include premium home amenities, interior design home features, interior design, and outdoor space. Well it is not simple as it seems in comparison to other buyers millennials are updated and are looking for specific needs when it comes to finding the right house or condo. Some of the key trends that millennial buyers are looking for real estate include.

  • Information: Whether looking for a house or sleek interior designs millennial buyers are information seekers. Always looking for detailed information resources which can be consumed fast and shared too. Make sure to include all the facts easily available.
  • Urban: Location is the next aspect this generation is concerned about with no compromise. One of the biggest must haves is an urban core. They prefer smaller urban spaces if they are urban ; but often are ready to compromise if the location is low maintenance as this suits their fast lifestyle.
  • Decor: Millennials are not generally looking for all the traditional details and fancy materials that can increase a home’s price. But are interested in all the signs of status and craftsmanship artefacts that can relate to their identity and lifestyle.
  • Multifunctional Interiors. The interior layouts that attract millennials come in all sorts of variations, but the key is fewer partitions and walls since this group likes to socialize and live casually. And in smaller homes and condos, multifunctional spaces take on greater importance. Exercise equipment may share space in a bedroom, and a hammock may get tucked into a dining room corner if there’s no or little outdoor space, does not really matter.
  • Living: Technology efficient green living is high on millennial’s wish list as they are tech savvy and like tablets, phones, audio systems, programmable LED lighting, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and all the rest. Interiors with lots of outlets and flexible placement of charging stations are also appealing. Renewable and reclaimable materials such as bamboo and glass rank high, as do low-VOC paints and adhesives and appliances like steam ovens.

Millennials don’t only view their homes as a status symbol or long-term investment but the most important aspect of owning real estate for them is comfortable living now and enjoying life. But they are also constantly evolving to accommodate tastes and style constantly searching for value. 

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