​What To Know When Joining a Brokerage?

Building a career in real estate takes time. In order to be successful you have to commit yourself like any other profession over an extended period of time. Choosing where you will start your career is a big decision as this shapes your identity. Do your best to look into your future and decide where you see yourself in ten years and start your career there. It is counterproductive to do research about a brokerage that is active in the industry and believes in building long-lasting relationships with their clients. So along those lines when choosing a real estate brokerage some of the most important things to consider include

Reputation: The reputation of the brokerage plays an important role. The best way to know how reputed a company is to enquire how involved the company in the community. Also talk to the sales professionals currently working in the brokerage to understand the work culture, ethics etc. practiced within the organization.

Training: Training plays a vital role for a new salesperson as this not only motivates you to excel in the business; but also guides salespersons to the new technology and trends available in the industry. Always enquire about the in-house or external coaches that you should follow in order to excel in the transforming real estate industry.

Support: Office Staff, Office Manager, Broker of Record are the main pillars offering support to salespersons new and old in any brokerage. Some of the tasks every support team assist new salespersons include booking appointments, making offers and all other tasks to execute a smooth sale and purchase for their clients. Usually support team is investing in you with marketing, fees and leads; they expect you to perform and therefore will provide support to get you on your way. Even if you know you want to eventually be on your own, joining a brokerage which has a strong support team can be a safe way to learn and grow at the beginning of your career.

Broker of Record: Along with being the leader in a brokerage the Broker of Record is the face of the team representing other salespeople behind the scenes. The Broker of Record is the go to person and acts as the governing body at all the brokerages. He generally has achieved that position by taking several real estate exams and earned designations to represent the salespersons and brokers in his office. At Century 21 President I take it seriously to assist my team and extend support to help them transition into professionals offering top notch services to clients as promised by the Century 21 brand.

Brand: We are brand conscious when choosing clothes, dining or performing any other routine tasks. So why promise when it comes to making a career choice? When thinking of joining a brokerage enquire about the brand you would like to join the contributions and recognition it shares across the globe. Often the about us section on the company website is the best place to start to get to know the company.

Office Environment: Not just a specific temperature or fancy furniture can create a productive environment; but the people and the culture they share makes the atmosphere good or bad. Make sure to discuss;

  • How the company rewards its top performing sales persons?
  • How approachable are the Office Staff and the Broker of Record?

Becoming a successful salesperson requires patience, persistence, and a supportive brokerage. Although working on your own can be lucrative, it is very costly when starting your career. Remember that when you first become licensed you must pay initiation fees to join your real estate board and brokerage. So make sure you have answers to all the below questions;

  • What are the training programs available to new salespeople?
  • Will you have an office, a desk, or a shared desk, and at what cost?
  • What is the internet presence does your brokerage have?
  • What is the Commission split?
  • How many salespeople work at the brokerage?
  • What makes the brokerage unique?
  • Why should I work here?

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