What does your front door say about your home?



Door Colors

Your front door is a place to greet visitors, welcome friends and invite outsiders in. A cheerful color can illuminate your front porch and turn a drab setting into a charming spot. Choosing the right color for your front door can be tough, as there are more than plenty of hues and tones to pick from. Different colors represent different meanings, so while some of you may go for bright and bold, others may prefer warm and soft. What do you want your front door to say about you? Check out these 10 colorful front doors for inspiration!

White: If you stick to an organized life and want to welcome friends and family with the same impression then white is the ideal color for your door. May require regular maintenance and upkeep. 
Black: This color is the most preferred as does not require to much thinking if you like to set a traditional statement 
Grey: A sophisticated color like grey is both neutral and dignified. Grey is typically a background color, letting your front porch decorations stand out.
Brown: The color is associated with warmth and stability, and suggests that the owner of a brown front door is one who is reliable and grounded in personality. However, the varied shades of brown also impact on the meaning of the colour. The darker hues of brown would symbolize one who is more reserved and private, however, yet still viewed as a respected member of the neighbourhood and someone very grounded.
Red:You are a go-getter, who experiences life fully and likes to get noticed
Blue: You need peace and value truth; being well grounded, you are not easily swayed by others.
Green: You crave emotional balance in your life, while pursuing big hopes and dreams. Although a bit idealistic, you believe anything is possible.
Yellow: You are logical, yet creative. You tend to look at life with a positive attitude. You may even be a morning person.
Purple:  This is a pretty popular color for front doors. It's symbolizes energy and is thought to invite many opportunities into your home.
Orange: You are a social butterfly. You love to entertain and thrive on accomplishing new challenges.

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