Where To Live Brampton Vs Mississauga?

Real Estate: Brampton Vs. Mississauga

When comparing living in Brampton Vs. Mississauga, it’s easy to draw a direct comparison because both cities are located in Ontario and they are relatively close to one another. While the two cities are often compared in terms of cost of living and other economic factors, very little attention is paid to the difference in real estate prices; especially if you are planning for investment opportunities for lucrative bargains. In general, folks in Brampton pay slightly more for the privilege to live in a booming real estate this is why Brampton has a place among the top cities to live in Canada.

Changing City Dynamics

One of the biggest reasons is because of changing city dynamics. While Brampton is expanding and growing at an impressive rate, Mississauga is pretty much built-out. Brampton has the potential to surpass Mississauga in the near future and it’s growth both economically and socially is very attractive for young professionals. As the age of the city decreases, and more and more young families are moving to Brampton the city is extending to new limits to accommodate the growing numbers.On the other hand, dwellers in Mississauga benefit from the city’s stability and aging population, often enjoying all the luxuries close to square one while in Brampton everything is spaced out. Click to view properties in Brampton here


Another factor that’s often cited for higher living costs is the crime rate. When compared both the cities have similar security options available to safeguard the dwellers. Like every city there are certain areas that are more vulnerable than the others but in both cities Brampton, Mississauga as more and more new families are forming communities everyone looks out for each other. 

Similar Factors

While there are several differences between the cities, it’s important to note that there are also similarities. Both cities have very few residents that walk or bike to work, meaning  fairly more scope for development with regards to real estate. Both cities are also located in Ontario and thus, they are both subject to strict government regulations that determines best deals for investors and first time buyers. These regulations make getting insurance in Mississauga or Brampton much more costly than in other provinces of Canada. Yet families and young professionals are choosing to move to Brampton, Mississauga to be close to Toronto for work and enjoy the luxuries of living in a booming real estate hub

To find out exactly how living in one city or another would impact your decision to buy real estate, for more information and a free home evaluation click here. You may be surprised to find that although one city is more expensive than the other, the difference may not be as much as you think.

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