Which is Better — An Open Kitchen or a Closed Kitchen?

Kitchen Ideas: Open/ Closed

Kitchen is solely a personal preference for every home. Some like their kitchen design open and public, some like it walled-off and private. Read on to find why this debate is so timely; 

The Closed Kitchen

“Closed” doesn’t mean claustrophobic. It means that kitchen access is limited to doorways, and that food prep and cleanup is hidden from view. The most-popular reasons for having a closed kitchen include:

  • Messes are hidden.

  • More walls mean more cabinet storage, countertop work space, and room for appliances.

  • Guests aren’t inclined to enter the kitchen and disturb the cook.

  • Cooking odors are confined to the kitchen.

  • The dining experience is more formal.


The Open Kitchen

The idea of the open kitchen has been around since the 1990's and continues to be popular.

  • Keeps the family in touch by integrating meal prep with nearby activities, such as watching TV in the family room.

  • Invites guests into the hub of the home, and facilitates conversation between guests and home cooks.

  • Eliminates walls that reduce natural daylight.

  • Adds a sense of volume, especially in modestly sized homes.


Hope our pro suggestions helps you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an open or keeping it closed when it comes to renovating your kitchen 

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