5 Safety Must Haves For Every Home

Every home is different reflecting the individuality and personality of the owner in their own way. However there are a few must haves that every home should have. Could you add to this list? You sure could, but 5 is a nice even number for the purposes of this post.
Fire Extinguisher: This is an easy one to check off the list and great for being able to relax about basic fire hazards, like kitchen fires.
Smoke & CO2 Alarm: This is the big part of the safety triangle, and you can buy these separately or together.
Emergency Contacts: Information is always a part of safety, and one good contact list that's easily available to you, guests, babysitters, family members is crucial. Don't just put your outside emergency contacts on it, however, also include your own personal information and health insurance information in case you can't or aren't there to provide it.
WiFi Thermostat: Another step removed, but important if you want your house to be safe when you're not there. A WiFi thermostat can not only help you save money on your heating bill by allowing you to turn the heat down easily when you're not there, it allows you to see if your heat has gone out or electricity has gone out before your pipes freeze.
Bolt Locks: Having a good lock on your door is a no-brainer, whether you are at home or away. The only real locks that work are those that physically bolt the door in an interlocking way.

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