How to make your home look bigger?

Everyone loves a spacious home. It’s not just a space that is appealing; but also the vibe a well spread out home attracts attention especially if you are thinking of selling. A cramped up home is an instant negative impression. Often buying a spacious home can be an affordability concern; so creating an illusion by choosing an appropriate paint can be a nice alternative.

Painting a home not just beautifies a home it also helps to create a feel good bigger ambiance. Read on to learn what colors make a room look bigger, and get to it!

  • White: This is always a go to colour as it helps to reflect light and instantly reciprocates an open and spacious feel. Added advantage with choosing white is you can decorate with freedom and bring your style to life.
  • Yellow: Similar to white, yellow also is the best alternative if you want to create a warm spacious feeling in your home. Make sure you chose a soft shade of yellow not neon; to further add dimension to a room you can compliment with a combining a beadboard or furniture.
  • Cool blue and green: Cool blue and green are soothing colours so use them to display brightness and depth to your home.
  • Gray: A neutral palette is also the best option like white and yellow this colour too rebounds light giving your home a spacious look and feel without a glare.
  • Deep jewel tones: This tones are recommended for small rooms like washrooms, home office etc. to give it that private yet binding feeling in your home. 

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