"I spent the last 6 years working with another brokerage and recently made the switch to Century 21 President Realty Inc. I have learned more in the first 3 months at this new office than I have learned in all of my previous 6 years combined! I now see the difference it makes when working with a broker who truly cares about the success of his team and the well being of their clients. Focus at this office is kept on continuously improving skills and advanced training techniques, as well as creating a positive and productive environment in which to grow. This is truly a professional office and Garry goes to great lengths to make this a world-class office also. He is available every day to help each salesperson with any questions and his advice and training is highly effective and motivating. This is not just a place to work...you are made to feel like part of a family here." -

 Satinder Mangat.


Dear Readers;

"Success Story"

 To pen down a success story at my age would mean that I have reached the end road of satisfaction...but let me assure you that this is just the beginning with many more miles to cover. Hi...I am Ranjit Singh and I am proud to represent the Century21 President Brokerage. Firstly, I would like to congratulate both Gurcharan and Sukhwinder Bhaura on their brokerage's 1st anniversary. This is a significant milestone in their professional and personal lives and I am glad to witness and be a part of it. For someone like me who started their Real Estate career with another brokerage and then joined Century21 President, I can seriously vouch for the vast difference in professionalism that I have experienced between the former and the latter. The state-of-the-art facilities coupled with newly furnished offices is not the only thing that meets the eye when you walk into this brokerage. Behind these doors you will come across some really seasoned professional realtors who constantly wear a smile all day regardless of all the hurdles that we face in our daily lives. The most attractive content of this brokerage is the friendly atmosphere and a broker that backs u upto the hilt. For all newcomers there is constant training, either in person or via video tutorials and not to mention the seminars that provide more exposure into the constant technological advancements in the real estate world. Here at Century21 President, you are not just a number.....but a member that makes a family. Looking back I feel that I have made the best choice in terms of switching brokerage to Century21 President and I would strongly recommend any newcomers to come join us and take advantage of this platform that is provided on a platter. Nothing makes me feel more proud and excited than to wear the Century21 President badge on my jacket with my name on it. Its an honor to be a part of the brokerage that emphasises on customer service, professionalism and being ethical. Once again my heartiest congratulations to both the brothers and I thoroughly look forward to serving the brampton community. Best Regards,

Ranjit Singh



 Over the past five months period,i have had the opportunity ,indeed the pleasure ,to work with century 21 president realty.I can state without hesitation that the atmosphere provided by Century 21 President Realty is by far the best i ever experienced.Because of their support as well as their training,i am able to double my income from previous year only in first five months of 2010. god bless you Gurcharan Garry Bhaura and his team...............thanks for your support....

Jasbir Pabla


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