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The Coves

The Coves area is a subwatershed of the greater Thames River Watershed. It aligns primarily in a north-south direction with the Cove ponds at the downstream end and Arthur Ford Park and Highland Woods at the headwaters. Such features as Euston Park, other smaller community parks and various ravines are found within the subwatershed. Residential communities include Manor & Highland Park, Southcrest, Southcrest Estates, Kensal Park, Norton Estates, and Springbank.

The Coves was once a meander of the Thames River and is now a series of oxbow ponds. Oxbows are places of high species diversity. The City of London designated The Coves and the ravine that drains into them as an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA). This designation was in recognition of the distinctive landforms, the presence of forest area sensitive species, the hydrologic characteristics, the diversity of species and the linkage function the area provides to the Thames River corridor.

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