7 Genius Backyard Ideas

I know it's hard to believe, but spring is around the corner. And while we Canadians peer at our neighbours over snowbanks as tall as our heads and patiently wait for the return of our campfires and flip flops, here are some motivational ideas for our back yard oasises to keep us going until the warmer months appear.

Here are my Top 7 DIY Backyard Ideas!

 7./  Plant Lemongrass!

Mosquitos hate lemongrass. Humans hate mosquitos. Everyone is happy.

6./ Light Up the Garden

Trim the garden with rope light for a comfortable night time glow. And no more tripping on the garden trim at night.

5./ Make a Green Path

This sedum sarmentosum plant is fast spreading, covers the ground and in June it grows tiny little yellow flowers!  A great way to liven up a boring walk way.

4./ Glow in the Dark paint. 'Nuff said.

During the day, coat your planters with Glow-In-The-Dark paint, then bask in the awesomeness in the evenings. Why stop with platers though? ~insert creativity here~

3./ Turn an old chair into a swing

How cute is this? Do you think it would work with a Lazy boy?

2./ Flat stone foot wash

I'm feeling so Zen just looking at this foot wash station. The best part? I think the kids would actually want to use it- if they can get me off, first.

1./ Splash Pad. In your yard. It's not just for public parks anymore!

Pools are expensive, but summer is so. darn. hot. How about this creative substitue? For $2-3 grand install your very own private splash pad. A big bonus- Low operation cost, and next to no risk of drowning for the young ones.