7 Things to do BEFORE moving into a new house!

Buying?  Renting? Reguardless of your status, the place where you set down roots should be a respite from the world. It should be calm, relaxing, stress free, and exciting.  Here are some items to look into ( prior to signing on the dotted line- whether for 1 year or 25 ) that could upset the fragile balance of tranquility in your home.


1./  Visit the would be home a few times, at different times of day.  Things look different with a new light shone on them. Suddenly, those oak cabinets are peach coloured and its a potential expense you didn't know you had. 

2./ Use your cell phone.  How annoying would it be if you didn't have reception in your own home? Especially if you are going to be part of the growing trend of people who are boycotting home phones and staying mobile.

3./Turn on the shower, and flush the toilets.  Water pressure could be a deal breaker. We've all seen that Seinfield episode.

4./ Explore the nieghbourhood. Go for a drive. Take the dog for a walk. If you feel uncomfortable- It's not the place for you.

5./ Do your due diligence. Are you in a flood zone? Protected lands? Is there anything that could end up costing more than anticipated (house insurance/ property taxes/improvements)

6./  Don't let the little things deter you. You don't like tray ceilings?  That shade of wood in the kitchen? the paint colour?  Looks at the bones of the house, and the location. Everything else can be changed.

7./ Look into Community events. If you live next door to the stomping grounds for the local biker gang, or the park that holds a week long Scottish festival every year, you better like the sound of bag pipes or the location could get stale sooner than your 10 year plan.  If your community doesn't have anything going on, it could bore you into moving before your time.


There you have it- 7 things you may not have thought to do before purchasing a house!