Garden Plants that you probably wont kill.

I recently attended a workshop about gardening with both curb appeal and water usage in mind. It was available for free to residents of Brantford (Brantfordonians?) I learned so much that I thought I would share! It was led by the knowledgeable Grant Clawson- owner of Outdoor Home Staging.

  1. Mulch early spring- no matter what you hear from anyone else.
  2. Bulbs never require watering
  3. Wisteria takes 7+ years to flower.
  4. Most grasses need to be cut down to about 3 inches above ground level every year.

Here are a few plants that I am going to be adding into my garden this spring:




Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberose) - Seriously, how pretty is this? It grows upto 75 cm (29 in), it’s native to Canada and it LIKES to be dry and sunny.





False Goat’s Beard (Astilbe Arendsii)- This plant is the gymnast of foliage- It’s as flexible as it gets! It likes sun, it likes shade. It likes water, it likes to be dry. Their ideal location at the bottom of a slope- the natural drainage process will provide a constantly moist (but not WET!) environment. They grow to be about 2 feet tall. The best part? It blooms mid to late summer so when all your lilies and tulips are fading away, it will be goat’s beard to the rescue with a punch of colour.




Delphinium- a staple in any English garden! Plant this behind grasses- why? Because it blooms while your grasses are still growing! They range in size from dwarf plants to varieties that grow to be six feet tall. Check the labels as some varieties are more tolerant to drought conditions than others. Plant 1 to 3 feet apart, in full sun and in a location where the soil is well drained.






Lungwort (pulmonaria vulgaris)- Not only was this plant used by the ancient folks as a remedy for lung ailments, eczema, and digestive disorders ( CLICK HERE for more information on that! )- it’s also water conscious and great looking! It’s low maintenance, and it will grow in those awkward shady areas of the garden.





Burning Bush (Euonymus Alatus)- Living up to it’s biblical connections, the burning bush presents quite a show in the fall when all your other garden dwellers are shriveling. It can grow up to 8 feet tall and just as wide. It’s very hardy and nearly impossible to kill. It can be easily maintained to 3-4 feet with trimming.






Soapwort (Saponaria Ocymoides)- Also known as baby’s breath. This low maintenance ground cover will spread horizontally with little to no help from you! It blooms May through September every year.