Is now the time to buy?

If your thinking of moving to a larger home or one with more features now is the time to do it! Interest rates are still at lowest rates in decades with some discount brokers advertising Variable rate mortgages as low as 3.0% and 5 year fixed mortgages as low as 3.19% OAC. Many property owners feel that prices are  gradually on the rise going into the spring market in most areas of  Brant County. Other Century 21 agents in Brantford, Paris and Brant County are seeing the trend in the current Real Estate market driving the sale of homes. All agents are keeping a close eye to see if we are moving back to better times.

Smart home buyers have been buying in while the market is down and mortgages are cheap, upgrading their investment house, waiting out the bad times then selling in a strong market or use the equity in the first house  help finance the next house purchase. I have been contacting my first time home buyers to let them know that homes which have been sitting for extended periods of time are starting to sell. If your looking at upgrading in Brantford or moving to a local comuinty like Paris or St. George contact Alex Faux and let me show you the advantages of using Century 21 and a full time agent to help you reach your Real Estate goals.

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