Realtor Vs. Technology

I recently came across a little article called "Unzillowable: Why tech still can't do the job of a Real Estate Pro".  It was interesting to see how far we have come with technology and websites  to sell and market homes but it got me thinking of other things that Realtors do to sell a home.  Websites aren't physically talking to the perspective buyers  promoting the homes best attributes that can't be seen in the photos.  The technology can't replace the Realtor picking up the phone and calling leads or the neighborhood looking for buyers and it certainly can't replace our relationships with other Realtors and  networking with them  at the office or functions.   Its our knowledge of the market, the neighborhoods, the homes features and what it has to offer combined with our own personality that still sells homes, technology now enhances this and allows us to get it to more people.  To read the article click on the link: