Selling in the Winter

There are four main benefits of selling your home in the winter.

Less competition. There is typically less homes on the market during the colder months. Most people wait till the spring to list there homes. Use this to your advantage;  fewer homes means your home will stand out.

Motivated buyers. There is fewer buyers in the winter months but the ones in the market want to buy and close quickly and they want to buy now.

Your home may show better. The cozy ambiance that defines winter can help potential buyers imagine living there.

Take advantage of the holidays.  Decorate your house with festive wreaths and lighting will make your home fell inviting.

If you are selling your home this winter, remember to set the stage for buyers.

  • Maintain your sidewalks
  • Clean the clutter
  • Make it cozy
  • Turn focus to the fireplace
  • Turn on the lights
  • Turn up the heat