Are you Richmond Centre, East or Steveston?

The 40th Provincial Election is coming on May 14, 2013. General Voting is available on Election Day from 8am to 8pm but you can also vote now at your district electoral office or now by mail. Advance voting is also available from Wednesday May 8 to Saturday May 11th from 8am to 8pm. Check out for more information. You can vote if you are a Canadian citizen, are 18 and older (or will be 18 on Election Day), have lived in BC for six months before Election Day, live in the electoral district for which you are electing an MLA and are registered as a voter (luckily you can also register when you vote on Election Day too).

BC residents are voting to elect 85 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Each of these 85 members represents an electoral district which is also known as a riding or a constituency. In Richmond, BC there are three ridings: Richmond Centre, Richmond East and Richmond-Steveston. Maps on the election BC website show how Richmond breaks down. Think of Richmond Centre as the center of the city (including Sea Island -- Burkeville and the airport) covering everything west of No 4 Road to the north side of Blundell. Richmond East as its name implies covers East Richmond including Hamilton, and is basically everything that is on the east side of No 4 Road. Richmond-Steveston is basically the triangle from the south side of Blundell to the west side of No 3 Road. The Richmond-Steveston and Richmond East boundaries do a little jigging and jagging so check the map (or input your address on the website and it will tell you which riding is yours).  

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