Cartwheels in the Living Room

How do you know when you've found THE ONE? Does our criteria for finding the perfect place to call home change as we grow up or is it only how we look at properties that changes? Last week a young family viewed my listing at Apple Greene Park (129 - 8880 No 1 Road, Richmond BC). The little girl really liked it. She felt an immediate bond with the apartment. She took off her coat, her shoes and later, her socks. She did cartwheels in the living room, wanted to check out the recreation center as soon as she found out there was ping pong and couldn't wait to see the floor plan (after I told her it had furniture scaled to match which she could cut out and play with like paper dolls). She pressed her face right up against one of the windows. She jumped up high and caught the string on the light bulb in the storage room to turn off the light. She tried out the wooden shutters in the den, opened and closed all the doors and then helped me turn off all the lights. She didn't want to leave. She would have moved in immediately. She was under five. She did things I have never done when I go looking (for example, those cartwheels in the living room) but in her own way came to the same conclusion as her mother did: the apartment is spacious (you can do cartwheels), the carpet is clean and cosy (you want to walk on it in your bare feet), the complex is friendly (there is a recreation center with activities), the rooms are bright (big low windows), everything works (doors/lights/shutters) and there is lots of storage space (the storage room needed a light). Her way of looking seemed a lot more fun than the grown up way!  

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