Deep in the Heart of Texas at Century 21's International Convention

I am one of 14 Canadians attending Century 21's International Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Delegates from around the world (Century 21 is now in 64 countries) have come to celebrate Solid Gold. Dara Torres has just spoken to us. She's a 12-time Olympian, a broadcaster, a Mom and bought her home with Century 21 which she commented her 3-year-old daughter now believes she owns. She brought one of the 3 Olympic medals she won in Beijing to show us. She emphasized how she absolutely loves to win and how "it sucks" to come in second...but said that the silver medals with their jade backs did look the best of all the medals in Beijing. She won three. At 41, she was the oldest female swimmer to make the US Olympic team (her 5th time at the games) and competed against swimmers half her age. She said, "the water doesn't know your age when you jump in" and really believes it doesn't matter how old you are. She encouraged us all not to put an age limit on our dreams. She is still swimming, still training, just competed in Texas last week and did her fastest time ever. She really believes she hasn't reached her peak yet. I am sure we will see her on the podium again. She's definitely Solid Gold! Her book Age is Just a Number comes out in April.

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