Do buyers think your home is spooky?

Not everyone wants to live in a haunted house...or a house that feels spooky. If you remove all your Hallowe'en decorations, how would your place feel? Hopefully warm, cosy and inviting. Your home might be scaring away buyers if it is too cold. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it is important for buyers to feel warm when they are in your home. Warm means the furnace is working and this means one less thing for buyers to worry about. Vacant properties often fall into the trap of having the heat turned down too low or turned off completely. Laminate floors can get surprisingly cold in a house with no heat! If buyers are worried that their toes are cold, they will not be paying attention to all the interesting things about your property! Dark homes also are not inviting. The worst example here is a house with no power. Equally disastrous would be a house with burnt out light bulbs in key places like the stairwell. In the fall, the number of overcast days increases making most homes feel dark. Make sure that yours feels bright. Turn on all the lights for a showing. Overgrown landscaping also can give a home the look of Hallowe'en. Buyers don't know that you never use the front door which is why the trees are so big there. Don't make it difficult for buyers to find the entrance...or for realtors to find the lockbox. It is not a lot of fun to search for keys in trees filled with spider webs.


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