Earth Day 2009

Today is Earth Day and the beginning of The Green Generation Campaign which seeks an individual's commitment to responsible sustainable consumption. Earth Day is not something new -- in fact, it is in its 39th year this year. However, to many of us,  the whole green ecological movement is a whole new way to live. Being earth-friendly can be as easy as making simple changes. Even something like switching to reusable shopping bags can make a big difference. Did you know the oil it takes to produce 14 plastic bags can power your car for a mile? This was my favorite of Safeway's 10 Simple and Easy Eco tips for Earth Day. Turning off unneeded lights can also make a difference. According to BC Hydro, if 210,000 households in BC committed to reducing their electric usage by 10%, we could save enough electricity to power the 2010 Winter Olympic Games! I have decided it is time to become part of the Green Generation. My trunk is full of reusable shopping bags which I do remember to take into stores most of the time. I have started turning off more lights. I do recycle. I will try to be more earth-friendly. Happy Earth Day!

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