Getting Organized

First impressions are always important. When it comes time to sell your home, they become critical. Buyers today have high expectations and it seems like they expect all homes to be staged (prepared for sale). Buyers don't want to see other people's clutter, says Linda Chu, a professional organizer with Out Of Chaos. She was one of the speakers at the Westside Division of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver's Organizing with Feng Shui seminar. She says staging allows buyers to dream and that a staged house helps lead them through the dream stage as they try to imagine what living in your home would be like. Staging begins with getting organized. She says most people's biggest dilemma is what to do with all their stuff and says it is okay to keep things provided you know where everything is. She recommended a 5-part plan to help us all become more organized. Step one: sort. Step two: purge. Step three: assign (where is the best place to use/keep something). Step four: contain and step five: evaluate (what is good for living is not always what is best for selling). It is no surprise that her plan ends up spelling SPACE which is what an organized home seems to have more of! "It's all about the dollar at the end of the day," she says and isn't that what matters most when your home is on the market? Before you get started she said it is important to define your goal, for example having a clear welcoming space. Write it down and post it in every room you are working on...then start. There are only two options for everything in your home when it comes to sorting: YES or NO. She recommends asking yourself how keeping something will help you move towards your goal and reminds us that storage can become expensive (how much do you want to spend storing things you'll never use?). The hardest part of the process...our inability to let go! So focus on the YES or NOs and you'll be all the closer to living in an organized space. 

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