Give the Gift of Life

Sunday August 8th I will be walking in support of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. I am walking not only to raise funds for the organization but more importantly to raise awareness of organ donation.

Two years ago I received a kidney transplant, a living donor transplant from my brother. I had a hereditary kidney disease, and as my kidney function decreased I began looking at  my options.  The waiting list for a kidney donor with my blood type was approximately 7 years, that's 7 years on dialysis.  Luckily my brother decided he would like to become my donor and he was a perfect match.  On Oct. 15th 2008, I received the "Gift of Life" from my brother and both of us have been in excellent health every since. 

Not everyone is as lucky as I was to have a living donor that was not only willing to donate but was also a match.

If you have never considering being an Organ Donor please do so, one donation could save as many as 10 lives.

To register as a Organ Donor click B.C. Transplant



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